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Washington isn’t the biggest state around, but it’s full of things to see and fun places to visit — and we’re not just talking about the big cities of Seattle or Spokane. How about their centrally located sister city of Ellensburg, once a contender to be the state capitol? Or what about their little northern cousin near the Canadian border, Dutch-themed Lynden and its timeless windmills?

Big cities are wonderful travel places, but all too often we forget that some of the best travel places are the many small, but fascinating towns that lie outside the urban mainstream. That’s a shame because there’s plenty to see and do in those towns, too!

Winter comes to downtown Ellensburg.
Winter comes to downtown Ellensburg.

Founded in January 2012, Toot’n Towns Washington is designed for the savvy tourist who wants to find the top travel places in small-town Washington State. We list every town with a population of 100,000 or less – and then print brief, informative articles and pictures of those towns written and photographed by the people who live or visited there.

What better way to find out about a town than by hearing what the townsfolk have to say about their home? And if you’re planning to stop in a town on the Olympic coast or a village in the farmlands of the Palouse, wouldn’t you like to know what past visitors thought about them?

Listings for each town include:
• the community’s current population
• a Google map to help you find your way around town
• links to the local government and chamber of commerce
• original articles and pictures from contributors
• links to area businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, and specialty stores

Using Toot’n Towns Washington is easy. First, click here to find the town you plan to visit, and then select the town’s name from the list of communities that appear beneath the map of Washington. You will then be taken to that town’s individual page, where you will find the information about the fun places to visit in that town. It’s that simple.

Small-town Washington State awaits you. Explore and enjoy!

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